Our work with Ogilvy

BT Wine Boxes

What was the brief from Ogilvy? Produce 36 wine / champagne boxes. The boxes were to be completed with their clients branding - BT, for the Champions League.

What were the problems / limitations? The box needed to hold different size bottles and shapes, as well as include a clear acrylic cover.

How were the problems solved? We added a green astro turf to the back of the wooden box to create the feel of a football pitch and also create contrast between the box and bottles. The bottles were then held in place with CAD cut foam which was hidden by printing on the clear acrylic lid.

What steps were taken to product the final product? First we printed on the Direct-to-Media Swiss Q machine, then used CAD cutting on the Kongsberg XP cutting table and finished the packaging by hand.

What was the final product? A wooden wine / champagne box which carried a bottle of Rose Mourhino wine and Harry Champkane Champagne. The packaging was finished with astroturf and a printed clear acrylic lid (plus foam for support).

Where was the packaing used? The boxes were created to celebrate BT’s recent extension of the Champions League TV rights.

What do Ogilvy have to say? "A great and creative result..."