What is PowerCoat Alive?

A sheet of PowerCoat Alive comprises 3 layers of paper: two layers of our conventional creative papers between which a layer of our PowerCoat paper with pre-printed RFID circuitry and a silicon chip are inserted. The 3 sheets are then laminated to create a sheet of our “connected” PowerCoat Alive. The result is an NFC-ready paper that can be programmed to trigger a multitude of functions on any NFC-enabled device.

Alive can be printed, finished and handled as you would any other paper. This enables magazine advertisements, packaging, retail labels, book covers, cosmetics and other high-value printed materials to be interactive and deliver additional content, such as special offers, coupons, product information and other information.

What is NFC technology?

Near Field Communications (NFC) is a technology that enables smartphones and other devices to establish a radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity. Radio waves from the phone generate enough energy to power the circuits to perform pre-programmed functions, eliminating the need for a battery.

Unlike QR codes, NFC-enabled smart phones or tablets will trigger content stored in the microchip without the need for 3rd-party ‘reader’ apps. Users can also upload data to the embedded microchip, so that it may be read by another.

NFC technology is currently supported by the majority of Android and Microsoft phones. iPhones don’t currently fully support NFC.

What is the advantage of this technology?

The interactivity of PowerCoat Alive extends beyond the customer experience. Brand owners can obtain a tremendous amount of data via analytics platforms allowing them to truly measure the impact of their campaigns, and better understand customer behavior. You can track:

  • Number of scans of sheets
  • Geolocalisation information (where the tag was scanned)
  • For each pack of sheets, you will also be able to indicate how long the tags need to be active.

The below additional functionalities are possible as well. For more information contact us via the online form and someone will be in touch.

  • Sheet by sheet redirection
  • Content creation
  • Multilingual content management
  • Extension of length of redirection

Do you have a special project in mind?

PowerCoat ALIVE products can be customized in the following ways:




  • Number of tags per sheet
  • Dimension of RFID tag
  • Type and capacity of chip
  • Format of sheet – maximum size 32*46cm
  • Weight and thickness
  • Front and back papers for laminated products
  • Encoding